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Gilded Remodeling is a full-service historic preservation/ restoration design firm that helps you create a beautiful space that reflects your unique personality and style. Whether you’re renovating an existing home or repurposing commercial space, we’ll take the guesswork out of creating a place that truly personifies your taste. Our seamless process helps you refine what you are looking for and helps breathe new life into your current projects while also keeping the historical integrity of the space.  We help you find a balance between creating a modern lifestyle while designing a space that stands the test of the time. Based out of San Antonio, we provide interior design services locally in South Texas as well as provide virtual consultations all over the country!

There is something special about a house when it has a story to tell

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"Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting"

Our expertise also helps those wanting to create and design historically inspired buildings. Whether you are in need of help to preserve your existing home, or just need some guidance on how to update the space to make it more “livable," we’ve built a reputation for helping clients design stunning custom interiors for their historic buildings while maintaining the historical integrity that they originally fell in love with. We like to refer to our design process as “History in the making!”

gilded Remodeling specializes in renovating and preserving historic buildings

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"Janilee worked with me on our main floor remodel. She helped me understand my style and kept me on track. I wanted to be part of the decision making process and Janilee allowed me to do that while steering me toward the best places to find the products I wanted. She came with me when I needed her and gave me pointers when I made decisions on my own. She was professional and yet we became friends in the process. I loved working with her and would do it again"!


"It was such a pleasure working with Janilee. She had such great ideas and incredible taste that I always love. Somehow she just knows me and what I might like. She is super easy to work with, stayed within my budget, always responsive and an all-around likeable and wonderful person".


“I have used Janilee Pratt for a few major renovations in the past 9 years. I loved the work she did on a friend's house and was so pleased when she did my house remodel. I would have been lost through that project, and it was so great to have her style and smarts guiding me through each step. Everything she has helped us with has stood the test of time....I still adore the rooms she designed. Janilee is very easy to work with and I never felt intimidated or overwhelmed. She is well worth it! You will be so happy with the results.”


"We knew Janilee had a talent and a keen-eye for achieving beauty in a home and that is why we chose her to help us redecorate. We quickly found out that not only does she have the skill and education needed for interior design, but she goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are satisfied. She was also very careful and considerate of our budget and made sure we stayed within our means. Janilee truly was a joy to work with as she is the kind of person that brings a positive attitude to any situation. That makes all the difference when working with differing opinions! We would recommend her a hundred times over!"



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