"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them".

– David Hicks

We work with your existing structure to make changes and design alterations to create your desired space. Whether through minor updates, repositioning walls or doors, or completely taking it down to the bare bones for a full remodel, we not only consider the overall look and feel of the space, but the overall function and flow. Our services include developing floor plans, elevations, and 3D walking tours of your space. These programs help provide you to get a full picture of what your space will look like before even getting started.

Interior architecture

We call art the "jewel of the design world! We consult on residential and commercial projects and curate an art plan for your space. We work with curators and artists all over the country so that we can provide you with the best options to elevate your space. 

Art consulting

Here we help take the guesswork out of choosing all your interior finishes from countertops to paint colors. We will work together doing space plans, select finishes, furniture, lighting, window covers and more. Then, we’ll put the finishing touches to your space by incorporating accessories that complement your overall style. Here we provide a theme and scheme with mood boards and finishes so you can see and feel samples of what products can be used.

Interior decorating

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to preserving and restoring historical buildings. Janilee has studied and worked throughout the country to understand various historical architectural styles. This experience translates into being able to understand what needs to be done to keep the historical integrity of your building. We also have experience navigating through the red tape when dealing with the local historic districts and historic registries. Our strong attention to detail helps us understand that certain historical structures might be more delicate than others. That is why we work hard finding local contractors who also have that same attention to detail when working with these unique historical buildings.


In today’s technological world, we are now able to reach out to those that may not have access to the interior resources they would like for their projects. We have completed many remodels without ever stepping foot inside the building or home. We are able to provide most of the design services listed above through virtual options. We also do research on what local companies are available in your area to help you create the space we have designed for you.

Virtual Design

Have a home you are trying to sell and need help on the best options to make that house more appealing to buyers? Having an interior designer provide feedback to you or your clients can often equate in a smoother or quicker sale of a home. We also help realtors navigate a quick turn around with our home staging and finish selection services

Realtor consultations

Janilee has been a college instructor for over 4 years where she has developed various college curriculums regarding historic restorations. Her reputation for her expertise soon grew and she began being approached by other community professionals wanting to learn more about this specific kind of design. She then developed various 1-2 hour seminars to help other professionals in the community expand their knowledge in this field. Whether you’re a realtor wanting to learn more on how to navigate historical districts to help future buyers, or a designer wanting to learn more about various historical architectural styles, our seminars will help you navigate this ever-growing world of historic remodels.






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From the initial consultation to the finished reveal, we communicate and involve you with the entire design experience. Our process begins with a free consultation. At that consultation we then will decide on the scope of work for the project. Next the designer will put together a “Theme and Scheme.” This presentation provides you with the overall feel for the space. Once the general theme is decided, we provide you with other resources to help you further visualize your space and agree on a plan moving forward. We then offer our extensive project management expertise where we can do as much or as little as you need to finish your design project. With each project having a different scope of work, we then provide an estimated budget and timeline.


what clients say...


"I have worked with Janilee for several years. She is an absolute professional and you wont find anyone with more knowledge than her. I have used her to help me sell homes and her eye for detail and vision has allowed my clients to get top dollar. I also use her for all my personal design needs. She designed my personal home and did an amazing job. We are so happy we did! Working with Janilee you will get the best of the best service and quality. Highly recommend Janilee for any design needs"! 


"Janilee worked with me on our main floor remodel. She helped me understand my style and kept me on track. I wanted to be part of the decision making process and Janilee allowed me to do that while steering me toward the best places to find the products I wanted. She came with me when I needed her and gave me pointers when I made decisions on my own. She was professional and yet we became friends in the process. I loved working with her and would do it again"!


"It was such a pleasure working with Janilee. She had such great ideas and incredible taste that I always love. Somehow she just knows me and what I might like. She is super easy to work with, stayed within my budget, always responsive and an all-around likeable and wonderful person".


"We knew Janilee had a talent and a keen-eye for achieving beauty in a home and that is why we chose her to help us redecorate. We quickly found out that not only does she have the skill and education needed for interior design, but she goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are satisfied. She was available when we needed her and helped to keep us on track when we would lose focus on a particular project. She was also very careful and considerate of our budget and made sure we stayed within our means. Janilee truly was a joy to work with as she is the kind of person that brings a positive attitude to any situation. That makes all the difference when working with differing opinions! We would recommend her a hundred times over!"

“I have used Janilee Pratt for a few major renovations in the past 9 years. I loved the work she did on a friend's house and was so pleased when she did my house remodel. I would have been lost through that project, and it was so great to have her style and smarts guiding me through each step. Everything she has helped us with has stood the test of time....I still adore the rooms she designed. Janilee is very easy to work with and I never felt intimidated or overwhelmed. She is well worth it! You will be so happy with the results.”


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How much are your services?

We first provide a free initial consultation that goes over the scope of work. At that consultation, our designers will assess how many hours it will take to complete the desired project. We then provide our clients with an estimate  before any services are rendered.


What is your design style?

We have a motto at Gilded Remodeling which says, “Your style is my style”. We have completed hundreds of design projects from all over the country where styles range from the ultra-modern to cottage country. At your initial consultation our designers will ask you a series of questions that will help us determine which style best reflects your tastes and personality.


We will provide you with as many resources as you need. We ensure our recommended contractors and subcontractors have the same attention to detail as we provide to our clients. We are also happy to work with trades that you would prefer. In either situation, we will consult with the contractor you choose to hire directly.








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