1: Make the art the focal point. Usually this will be the largest object placed in the center of the mantel.

2: Add items around the focal pointe. Create various heights starting with the highest point on the left side when

3: Make sure all your items balance each other out. For example if all your pieces are light and your add a darker item, make sure something else is also dark to balance it together

4: Add different shapes or textures

5: Understand less is more. If you had too many objects, it takes away from the  focal point.

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We call art the "jewel" of the design world. Check out these tips on choosing an art piece for your mantel!

Art Consulting

Choosing the right color

Quick tips

One of the biggest questions I get from clients are what colors are trending, and what If I pick a trendy color that goes out of style. My question back to them is how much do you like to paint? Usually those that like to keep the same paint colors for a few years, I say to choose a color pallets that you are drawn to. Most people can find that that color is inside their closets. The colors you choose to wear, are usually the colors you also like to see inside your house. I often then suggest if they want try any new trends to pick out a few throw pillow in those colors and take it out for a test drive first.

Repairing historic plasters

Quick tips

Ornamental plaster in many historical buildings are a good indication as to when the historical building was built. Plasters however can be very fragile in nature due to how they were originally made, and can be affected by other surrounding elements like light and moisture. It is rare to find plaster that has not been restored at some point. Most restorations are done by specific trades that understand how to handle these beautiful works of art as well as keep the historical integrity.